trEd Dance

Performing Arts Company

trEd utilizes a unique form of athletic movement,
original music, and live sound, to deliver a message
of breakthrough and freedom.

Partner with us for the 2019 season!



Thank you for your consideration of hosting trEd Dance at your church or ministry. It is our mandate to partner with others to see the kingdom of God expand on the earth, and we look forward to joining you to see breakthrough for your congregation, team, and or community! Please read over the following general guidelines to answer any preliminary questions you might have. And feel free to contact us with any other queries regarding hosting trEd.


Ministry Outlook

trEd offers a unique expression with a diverse number of ministry possibilities which involve ministering to the church body. Our expression opens with dance and percussion then leads to speaking on themes of personal freedom and breakthrough. We have led Sunday morning services, other weekly church services, youth and young adult meetings, school chapels, prayer gatherings, special events, and conferences. We are equipped to do anything from performing one stand-alone piece, to conducting the entire service (performance, speaking, prayer, altar ministry). 


Financial Considerations

trEd Dance Ministries is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. As a ministry, we rely solely on the contributions of individuals, churches, and other donors. Company members (including the directors) raise monthly support to cover our personal living costs. These same contributions also allow us to embark on extensive international evangelistic outreaches. 

When we partner with churches and other ministries, we don’t require a minimum fee. We do, however, ask that we receive an honorarium (amount to be determined by the host church/ministry) or that an offering be received from the congregation/attendees on our behalf. These monies go towards our domestic traveling expenses, and ultimately towards our overseas outreaches.



The size of our team can vary, but is currently 13-15 persons. During the extent of our stay, we ask that the entirety of our ministry team be provided with housing and meals. Hosting can be provided in any of several ways (at the discretion of the hosting church/organization): host homes (from congregants), hotels, area retreat center, Airbnb, etc. We are a touring team of professional performers, and as such, require adequate sleeping accommodation – sleeping on floors in churches and homes is not an option for us. We ask that bed space be provided for each of our team members. Hosts are also asked to provide transportation to and from the ministry events for the team members they are housing.

Meals can be provided by host homes, or “potluck style” at the church (Meal schedules can be finalized once our itinerary is confirmed).


Promotional Material

Once determined, we can help provide promotional material for the event: for electronic use (email, social media, on-screen announcements) or print (posters, flyers, handouts).