trEd Dance

Performing Arts Company

trEd utilizes a unique form of athletic movement,
original music, and live sound, to deliver a message
of breakthrough and freedom.

Partner with us for the 2019 season!



We are accustomed to working with many different performance and ministry configurations, but the following guidelines are the goal.



Performance: Our ideal performance space is 28’ width by 20’ depth. This needs to be an unencumbered space (no speakers, cables, etc.) with open access from the sides or rear. Considering that many churches don’t necessarily have a rectangular stage configuration, we can usually adapt to some degree. Photos or schematics are helpful in determining if the space is adequate.

Backstage: Near the stage, we need an area (preferably not visible to the audience) to store our drums and other performance gear. As each piece we present has a different expression, we are constantly moving the equipment on and off the stage area. In addition, it’s helpful to have space for performers to be when they aren’t performing.

Dressing Rooms: Some of our performances require costume changes, so two changing areas (men/women) are necessary. Access to bathrooms is helpful as well.



Audio: Most of our pieces generate their own “soundtrack,” so no mics or amplification is needed. However, there are 1-2 pieces that do require a music track (stage monitors would be needed for these pieces). In addition, we need 1-2 mics for speaking (wireless preferred but not essential).

Video: During our performance/ministry, we sometimes use projection (if available) to introduce pieces or to show ministry-related videos. As well, if speaking/teaching is a part of the ministry time, our presenter may desire to use PowerPoint/Keynote etc. as a supplement to his/her message.



We don’t travel with lighting or require specific lighting for our performance. If the church is equipped with theatrical/stage lighting, we may elect to use it with the help of a church technician.


* Our traveling team has limited support staff, so we rely on the church/host to supply A/V technicians for our performances. Adequate personnel and prep time is essential and will be determined as needed.