trEd Dance

Performing Arts Company

trEd utilizes a unique form of athletic movement,
original music, and live sound, to deliver a message
of breakthrough and freedom.

Partner with us for the 2018 season!


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Please answer the following questions briefly.
1 How and when you became a Christian and about your personal growth in Christ.
2 How and when you became filled with the Holy Spirit. Are you aware of and functioning in any of the gifts of the Spirit?
3 Are you currently in a serious relationship?
4 Do you have any history of alcohol or substance abuse?
5 Briefly describe any experience you have had with deliverance (gaining freedom over strongholds in your life).
6 Describe your current walk with the Lord, including how your faith is growing, the spiritual influences in your life, your quiet times, church involvement and outreach activities that you have participated in.
7 Have you ever been on any overseas missions/ministry trips? If so, list countries, years, and details of experience.
8 Have you ever lived in a community environment? i.e. dormitory rooms, common kitchen, etc.
9 Who, besides the Lord, has made the biggest impact in your life? Please explain.
10 List and explain three of your strengths and three of your weaknesses.
11 Are you presently under medication prescribed by a doctor?
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