trEd Dance

Performing Arts Company

trEd utilizes a unique form of athletic movement,
original music, and live sound, to deliver a message
of breakthrough and freedom.

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The Art of Warfare



The Art of War Performing Arts DTS will see you equipped, trained and released; a journey into discovering God and finding your identity. This dynamic combination will equip you to take the truth of the gospel into a desperate world. 



From the classroom to the studio, you will explore the expression that God has deposited in you. Themes of spiritual warfare, breakthrough, and identity will be woven into the hours of training in preparation for a release of the heart of God in the nations of the earth. Lecture topics: nature and character of God, identity, evangelism, intercession, spiritual warfare, cross cultural missions, Christian worldview, and others.



Develop your passion and watch your confidence grow as you receive the heart of God: that all would come to salvation. You will have an opportunity to take the Truth to the streets of major cities across the nations of Europe. 

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT - Each student will attend classes for spiritual development with a focus on personal growth and freedom. The PADTS offers a focus on inner healing with opportunities for one-on-one prayer and counseling sessions. Participants will also receive training in the areas of intercession and have exposure to house of prayer environment. Opportunities to express dance and music in the house of prayer will be available as well.

PERFORMANCE TRAINING - trEd's unique approach to dance is based on rhythmic artistry, elite fitness, and raw athleticism. The PADTS experience will include a range of performance training varying from dance and percussion to martial arts and acrobatics. Our daily classes will equip the artist to develop quickly in many disciplines as well as in strength and fitness levels. Daily classes vary, but will include modern and ballet dance technique, stage combat, boot camp, martial arts, acrobatics, circuit training, strength training, and Crossfit.

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